SANKOMOTA - Sankomota (1983)

Shifty, SHIFT 1.
Producer/Engineer: Lloyd Ross
Composer: Frank Moki Leepa
Recorded at: Shifty Mobile, Lesotho

Classic album on underground independent label Shifty, later re-released on CD on Tic Tic Bang (BANGCD06).

Frank Moki Leepa – Guitar, Lead Vocal, Perc
Maruti Selate – Bass, Backing Vocal, Perc
Moss Nkofo – Drums, Backing Vocal, Perc

Extra Musicians In Lesotho:
Sunshine Mokoena – Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Sponky Tshabalala – Percussion
Jhb: Rick Van Heerden, William Ramsay, Eirfaan Gillan (Tenor Sax), Stompie Monana (Trumpt, Flugelhorn), Warric (Sony… Trombone, Perc), Lloyd Ross (Additional Guitar, Keyboard, Perc.)

"About the recording: this collection of songs was recorded on location in Lesotho by Shifty Mobile Studios. As Lesotho is not blessed with any music recording facilities of its own, this is to the best of my knowledge, the first LP ever to have been produced there. Initial tracks were compelted within 10 dayswith brass and additionals going down in Johannesburg. Shifty mobile is an 8 track onto ½" facility housed in a caravan."

Irrelevant typo: while the cover says “Sankomota”, on the album itself, spelling is "Sankomoto".