LUNGA - Give Us Two More Beers (1987)

Quavers/ Soltone (EMI)
QUAL(O) 019
Producer: Lunga
Engineer: Tony Rudner
Recorded at: Soltone Recording Studio

4-track album of sophisticated afro-synth pop, referencing the growing Pantsula dance trend - far less American influence than early Brenda or Hotstix, a beat-driven forerunner to kwaito. Lunga were: Petros Dlamini (lead vocals, percussion), Paul Mazibuko (vocals, cowbells & claps), Michael Manci (vocals, keyboards), Moses Chamange (bass), Godfrey Mokoena (synthesizers) and Fnock Dube (drums)

More than just an homage to binge-drinking, the title track is synth-heavy dancefloor-filler. South Africa in '87: a place worth drinking about...

"When its cold outside, they want some whiskey to warm their souls.
when the sun is hot, they want some cold beers to stay cool, and stay tuned..
Every friday, you find the people moving up and down..
because its a friday, everybody is happy for money.
On Saturday morning, they decide to go out for jol...
Others to the beach, others to the night club, others to the bioscope...
On Sunday morning, you hear them say......"

Other tracks on the album - "Atamela", "Get up (Ladlal'ipansula), and "Six P.M. Check Point" - are all winners.