SAMMY - Give Me My Wages (1989)

Teal Trutone, KVL5087
Producer: Dangani Sikhosana
Composer: Sam Maseko

Vintage afro-synth in the mould of other growlers like Sox and early Chicco. Songs pay tribute to Polla Park in Thokoza, east of Joburg, and cover issues facing people there still - addressing politics in Nkululeko (freedom) and Stop the Fight, and money on Give Me My Wages ("Hey Mr Foreman, give me my wages, I need it." ) and Don't Throw It Away ("Some people don't have something to eat tonight..."). Others include Nkani (stubbornness) and the gospel-reggae of Thank You Father.


  1. And where is the musician currently?

    1. Bra Sammy is still around, living in Joburg