QUINTON - No More Lies (1989)

Hit City, HC (V) 907
Producers: Blondie Makhene & Quinton
Engineers: Quinton & Blondie Makhene
Programmed by Quinton

Hot 8-track album by Quinton Madlala, put together by Blondie Makhene with backing from his African Youth Band. Follow-up to Quinton's 1986 album Heartbreaker. Quinton and Blondie also worked together on acts like Platform 1 and Pure Gold.

This is slick bubblegum stuff full of interesting riffs and lyrics, but free of political statements. 'Dance' just about sums it up:
"Life is much too short, don't you sit and worry - Dance!"

'Reggae mania' talks about the growing popularity of reggae ekasi...
"I went down to the Cape on a musical expedition,
Every place I went to, people seemed to be crazy,
Talk about a party, talk about a nightclub - it was reggae music.

I wish you were there!"

Best track 'Tlisa Dikhomo' has synths, beats and vocals flowing together for a super-catchy hit with a universal message:
"Hey boy, what do you want around my sister?
If I see you again I'm going to break your neck!
Every time I see you with her, I can tell she will be sleeping out.
If I see you with her, I'm going to break your neck!"