OSHAKATI - Fire (1987)

CCP/Namibia/EMI, NAMLP(O) 4051701   
Producers: Dougmore Malotana & Mally Watson   
Engineer: Richard Mitchell   
Composer: Dougmore Malotana                           

Power pop from synth grandmaster Madoda Malotona (Cheek To Cheek). This four-track album serves up classic bubblegum grooves with fresh melodies and stirring lyrics, best on 'Deadline', which throws some Juluka-style backing vocals into the mix.

"Ain't got time to beg for sympathy,
You told a lie the day you said you loved me.
Shake it, take it, break it tonight.
No matter how you see it, now I'm through.
Deadline tonight, I'm moving on,
Deadline tonight, now we're through."

"Madoda Malotana brought Suthukazi Arosi and Velaphi Mnisi together to form Oshakati. Their debut album Fire was dedicated to the people of Namibia from where they got their name. The album was written, produced and arranged by Madoda."
(Mojapelo, 2008:120)

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