SATHIMA BEA BENJAMIN - Nomzamo: Mother Of The Nation (1988)

Roots/Tusk, ROTM 002
Producer: Sathima Bea Benjamin   
Engineer: Rudy van Gelder   
Composer: Sathima Bea Benjamin   
Recorded at: Van Gelder Studios, New Jersey   

Sathima Bea Benjamin played a large role in getting SA music recognised along with her husband Abdullah Ibraham (Dollar Brand). The couple lived for decades in New York and Europe, returning to SA in the 90s. Their daughter is US rapper Jean Grae. On the three-track Nomzamo, Benjamin delivers some soulful jazz dedicated to the then-wife of Nelson Mandela.

"Winnie Mandela, beautiful and brave is she.
A symbol of courage to all who strive to be free.
We love her grace and dignity.
Beloved heroine is she.
She leads the way, 

never showing doubts and fears.
Soft gentle eyes, 

reflecting all those unshared tears.
The endless days, lonely nights.
All filled with tender sweet memories of him.
Their great love, she holds so dear. 

Together, though torn apart.
She carries deep within her heart, 

His dreams, her dream, their vision: peace and freedom for us all."

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