PAT SHANGE - Love Is Like a Bank Account (198?)

Roy B/Dephon/Dust, RBL147   
Producers: Pat Shange & Rick Wolff   
Engineers: Rick Wolff & Graham Hendley       
Recorded at: Sweet 16                       

Whatever Pat lacked in originality he more than made up for with style and humour. With titles like 'Just A Friend Of Daddy', 'Love Is Like A Bank Account' and 'Marriage Is Not For Stars', Pat's smooth vocals (not unlike Dan Tshanda of Splash), topical lyrics and slick production made him one of the most popular stars of the day. Although Roy B had the frustrating habit of not putting dates on their albums, this came after Man Oh Man (RBL125) and before I'm Accused (RBL164), Pat's three biggest albums at the height of the bubblegum era in the late 80s.