LOMBARD EXPRESS - Thela (1986)

Reamusic RMJ(C)30
Producer: Enoch Nondala
Engineer: Paul Hughes (mixed by Mark Holland)

Vintage mid-80s bubblegum by S. Mpangase and A. Ngwenya, produced by Enoch Nondala (Makwerhu, Percy Kay, Prince & The Buffaloes) on the Reamusic label. Two killer tracks featuring a barrage of smooth synth sounds and powerful, distinctive vocals. The title track 'Thela' ('pour') and the album cover dwell on the South African man's right to spend his money on beer ("I say I spend my money, I use it the way I like. Please don't give me funny names, I'm not a sucker"), while the B-side 'Heartbreaker' covers more universal subject matter:

"I thought you were my best friend, 
till I saw you with my lady.
Kissing and touching, holding her tight,
I thought you were my best friend...
Every time I see you together,
my heart is breaking.
Every time I see you two,
my heart is aching...
You're a heartbreaker..."