TSHALA MUANA - Nasi Nabali (1991)

Tusk, HIM102
Producer: Tshala Muana & Ben Nyamabo
Recorded at: Studio Diana Music, Paris

One of the central Africa's biggest female stars of her day (along with Mbilia Bel and others), Tshala Muana was born in Lubumbashi in 1957 and started her career as a dancer in Kinshasa in the late 70s. In 1981 she left for Abidjan and then Paris in 1984, where she recorded her debut album Kami. She returned to Kinshasa in 1986 but decided to stay based in Paris. Other albums include La Devine (1987), Munanga (1988), Biduaya (1990), Mutuashi (1996) and Pika Pende (1999). She is currently in the midst of a comeback, releasing Lunzenze in early 2016.

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