J.G. PROJECT - Khay'elitsha Sunrise (1990)

Hit City, HC003
Producer: John Galanakis
Engineer: John Galanakis
Recorded at: Platinum

One of the top producers of the era, John Galanakis launched the careers of some of bubblegum’s biggest names, including Dan Nkosi, Zizi Kongo and Benjamin Ball. An accomplished musician in his own right (with Banjo and others), in 1990 Galanakis released this solo studio project of instrumental synth jams. Dedicated to the plight of the homeless and poor in South Africa, the song titles pay homage to some of the country’s famous townships: Khayelitsha, Kliptown, Crossroads, Orange Farm and Mshenguville, while others refer more generally to the township experience, such as ‘Jimmy’s Shack’ and 'Zozo in the City’.  

“This is the beat of the City,” the liner notes proclaim. “It is the sound of the country village. It is the soul of the squatter camps. It is the sadness of the past, and the hope of the future. It is joy for today. It is Africa”

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