KUYAKA - Changes (1989)

MFM/Teal Trutone, FML 1027
Producers: Kuyaka & Tom Maybury
Engineers: Tom Maybury (mixed by Kevin Manas & Tom Maybury)
Composers: Kuyaka & Tom Maybury
Recorded at: The Hi-Tech Studio

Classic tunes from bubblegum duo Kuyaka, made up of Henry Msimango and Alex Kau Khumalo. Also featuring Sam Ndlovu and Tom Maybury. 'Ndabazabantu' is an upbeat dance track with funky call and response chorus and a uncharacteristically face-melting guitar solo, while 'All My Life' is sophisticated, feel-good synth-pop with a jazzy, laid-back twist:

"It's been a long time, too many years, in my life. 
trying to make a living, for my family and I...
I left home without any money, going to the golden city..."