JUICY II - Crying in the Night (1986)

Raintree/Teal, CEX 8010   
Producers: Peter Pearlson & Hendry Koetzee

Sweet bubblegum jam giving free rein to face-melting synths - more obvious on the B-side dub, which dumps the moody lyrics of love gone bad . . .

"I'm walking lost and lonely,
and thinking crazy thoughts.
Is there really someone else?
I've paid the price, but it's grief I've got.
Don't you know I'm crying in the night?
I can hear the door slam tight...
Don't you know I'm crying out in vain?
Will you ever be back again?
I can see you lying in his arms,
I can't remain calm...
Can't you hear me crying in the night?

I hear the people talking, but they don't know the truth.
They say I treat you badly, but it's me who's feeling grief."

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