ERIC D - Slow Down (1988)

Sounds of Soweto/Tusk, SLH6003   
Producers: T. Sothole & B. Bophela

Catchy bubblegum sounds featuring the likes of saxman Mandla Masuku, Themba Mtshali (guitar) and Barney Bophela on keys.

"Look at that old man, he is driving too fast.
Look at his old car, it is not in the right.
Hey madala, don't be too fast - beware.

Uyafika madala, slow down.
He bought his car in 1958, this is a very old car.
The brakes are not working, 

The hooter is not working.
Don't run childen over with your old car - beware.

Hamba kancane, madala.
Hamba kancane, don't be too fast!"