ZIA - The Frontline (1988)

Gallo GRC, HUL40173   
Producers: Patrick van Rensburg & Peps Coutamaccio   
Engineer: Darryl Heilbrunn       
Recorded at: RPM Studio

Though often overlooked in favour of other crossover acts like Hotline, Juluka and Mango Groove, Zia enjoyed a few local chart hits and some international attention. According to frontwoman Cindy Alter's website , Zia "toured the country, then broke into the French market and toured France, opening for the Bee Gees at Bercy in Paris, after which they were offered the opening slot on the Bee Gees' US tour. This was a major coup, but was sadly thwarted when their local record company could not offer tour support.  Cindy took this as a sign to move on. She resigned from Zia and in July 1990 booked a ticket to Los Angeles."

The Frontline follows their self-titled debut in 1986 and Kant'Unjani in 1987. Songs have pop, rock and traditional Zulu influences, most with politically charged messages, for example on 'Children' and 'Trust In Me'.