MR CHACKLAS - Everybody Likes Me! (1988)

MFM, FML1024
Producers: Bones Brettell, Bernie Millar & Godfrey Nzuza   
Composer: S. Mshazi   

Infectious grooves from Zone 3's traffic cop Mr Chacklas backed by Casino, with the MFM stable's signature synth sounds and fun, uplifting lyrics in English and isiZulu. Most tracks are vintage bubblegum ("In the Morning", "Pink ticket", "Braaivleis",  "Everybody likes me"), while "Confused" slows things down and "Uyongikhumbula" (you will remember me") draws on more soulful, gospel influences.

"I went to a party last weekend, we sat at a table in a tent.
Everybody was eating with fork and knife,
But they gave us curry and rice.
There was no meat, there was no braaivleis
What kind of a party is this without a braavleis?"