GLORIA GRACE - Count Me Out (1990)

MFM/Teal Trutone, FML1031   
Producers: Patrick van Rensburg, Abe Sibiya & Marshall Harmse
Engineer: Marshall Harmse               
Recorded at: Real-Time Studios                                                      

Upbeat, accessible pop with powerful, youthful vocals like Winnie or early Brenda. Full of synth-heavy grooves produced by Zia's Patrick van Rensburg and Abe Sibiya, along with Marshall Harmse from hi-NRG act Shiraz, who had an international hit with 'Fight For Our Lives'. 'Ma Afrika Pendukani' lifts the bassline from labelmates The Rockets' hit 'Situations', while 'Viva Music' tells it like it is:

"Dance brother, dance,
Shake your body to this song. 
It should clear your mind, 
And you'll never be lonely. 
Sing along with me,
There is life in this song, 
You can feel it now,
This song is just for you"