PATIENCE AFRICA - Wozani La (1987)

Reamusic, RML(O)2011
Producer: Danny Antill
Engineer: Keith Forsyth

"Patience Africa was another tigress of South African music in the late 1970s and the 1980s. The second-born in a family of six, she started singing at the age of 11. After showing her talent as a student, she joined a Durban group known as Jazz Sledge. When she went to Johannesburg she joined the Hollywood Jazz Band. Upon her marriage in 1965 she took a break from music and became a housewife. When she later contact West Nkosi of Muvuthela Music Company for a comeback, the result was the recording of one of her best sellers 'Bhula Sangoma', became huge even in neighbouring states like Zimbabwe. She was most popular for her love songs, which included 'Sakatuku' and 'Basadi Mamelang'. Her albums include Ilanga Malishona (1977), Siyabonga (1979), Let's Groove Tonight (1980), Ebang Le Mohau (1982), Mabewena A Duduza (1983), Batho Ba Lesotho (1984), Sesi We... Life Is What You Make It (1986) and Wozani La (1987)" (Mojapelo, 2008:88).