ADAYE - Turn It Up


South African disco 12” originally released in 1983, the start of the country’s ‘bubblegum’ era. Adaye was a once-off studio project featuring members of Stimela, the SA supergroup formerly known as The Cannibals and at the time also recording under aliases like the Street Kids and Kumasi

As Adaye they roped in singer Al Etto and went into the studio with Heads Music boss Emil Zoghby, who shares songwriting credits with Ray Phiri on the only track they released: ‘Turn It Up’ - an eight-minute slice of guitar funk throbbing to a disco beat. Remastered from the original tapes and reissued on Afrosynth Records.

Composed by R. 'Pierie' and E. Zoghby
Produced by Emil Zoghby for Heads Productions
Engineereed by Phil Audoire
Mastered by Wouter Brandenburg
1983 Heads Music / 2020 Afrosynth Records
Distributed by Rush Hour Music
Photography: Georgina Karvellas
Thanks to Peter Moticoe

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