HUGH MASEKELA - Techno-Bush (1984)

Jive Afrika/Zomba (Germany). 6.25983
Producer: Stewart Levine
Recorded at: Battery Studios, Botswana & London

Definitely not named after any future US presidents, 84's "Techno-Bush" features "Don't Go Lose it Baby", a top 10 hit in that country. A breath of fresh air from Bra Hugh, who had been living in exile for well over a decade already, spending his time in the US, and across the border in Botswana. With his afrobeat and funk days behind him, "Techno-Bush" showed a new, more electronic direction, with the flugelhorn master assuming keyboard duty in this album as well. Other highlights include "Getting Fat in Africa". Album is divided into a South side and North sides, instead of boring 1 and 2, or A and B. I picked it up in Ostkreuz/Friedrichshain in Berlin.