LUCKY DUBE - Rastas Never Dies (1984)

Gallo, MCGSP3000
Producer: Richard Siluma
Engineer: Dave Segal

A benchmark in SA music history - Lucky Dube's first reggae album. Following on the moderate success of his early mbaqanga output, Lucky's producer/cousin Richard Siluma finally persuaded the man to turn to reggae, though angering record execs who preferred tried-and-tested mbaqanga.  They took the plunge, and Lucky never looked back, eventually going on to surpass Alpha Blondy as Africa's reggae king. Despite being banned by apartheid censors and selling poorly, Rastas Never Dies (sic) is a great 4-track album, jam-packed with rudimentary drum machines, scorching synths and searing falsetto vocals. Later re-released on one CD with 1985's Think About the Children.

1. Rastas Never Die
2. Fresh Air
3. I Love You
4. Reggae Man