VA - Shebeen Queen (1989)

Kijima, Sterns, BIG006
producers: The Soul Brothers
Recorded at Priority Studios
Compiled by Greg Cutler

International mbaqanga compilation featuring Imitshotshovu, the Super Tens, Aaron Mbatha and Abafana Besishingishane.

"Kijima Records' 'Shebeen Queen' compilation brings you a solid collection of contemporary township dance music, the rhythms which the burly Shebeen Queens would use to draw passers by off the streets and into the sweaty, smokey backyards and rooms which serve as teh bar rooms and dance halls for South Africa's townships. Once the disc's playing, it would take a brave soul to lift the needly form this groove - Shebeen Queen means heavy business. We think you'll understand."

1. Imitshotshovu - "Induku"
2. Imitshotshovu - "Izimgane"
3. Imitshotshovu - "Khetomthandayo"
4. Imitshotshovu - "Inkani"
5. Imitshotshovu - "Ungazi Ngabo"
6. Imitshotshovu - "Umuzi"
1. Aaron Mbatha - "Zodwa"
2. The Super Tens - "Umesibindimalume"
3. Abafana Besishingshane - "Imboda Inkunzi Neku"
4. Aaron Mbatha - "Amaqhina"
5. -The Super Tens - "Lashon 'Ilanga"
6. -Abafana Besishingshane - "Noma Bekuluma Kabi Ngami"

Thanks Freedom Blues