WA'DE - Mr. Big Mouth (1989)

Orange/Tusk, ORH 006
Produced & Composed by Wa'de
Engineer: Philip Nel
Recorded at: Universal Studios

Another great album from an unknown bubblegum boyband. Every track on this 6-track album is a winner - the best being "Chibuku," with its infectious chorus... "Play something African!"

side one:
1. Bushy Bushy
2. Khal 'iphepha
3. Chibuku

side two:
1. Pele Pele
2. Nightmare
3. Mr. Big Mouth

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  1. Hey man great blog! Came across it while researching some finds from Jo'burg (as posted here: http://slowmusicmeltdown.blogspot.com/2010/08/kohinoor-treasures-afrosynth.html )

    Also found Wa'de on your site and would love a rip of it for my best friend Wade, who loves all kinds of African music... Thanks!