TEASPOON - New Horizons (1988)

Gallo GRC, HUL40162
Producer: Ray Phiri
Engineers: Dave Segal & Sam Wingate
Recorded at: Audio Lab, JHB

Saxman Teaspon Ndelu takes the lead on this six-track album of classy pop with a jazzy twist. Titles include 'Bossanova Funkcation', 'Rumble Starter', 'Hard Times' and 'Waya waya all the way down'. Here was another project backed by the mighty Stimela, featuring the likes of Jabu Sibumbe (bass), Isaac Mtshali (drums), Lloyd Lelosa, Thapelo Khomo (piano), Charlie Ndlovu (organ), Ntokozo Zungu (guitars), as well as ex-Hotline axeman Alistair Coakley, with arrangements by Victor Ntoni and overseen by Ray "Chikapa" Phiri, who penned these liner notes in his own inimitable style:

"The main tea in the spoon project is all about yesterday, today and tomorrow. Personally I knew Teaspoon way back 1967 when tea drinking was an art, the brew has mellowed in that I find myself lost for words. Talking about enjoying something so sweet and hot is not an easy subject . . ."

Dedicated to "the Greats who carried the torch - Bra Zakes, Kiepie, Spokes, Henry, Barney, Carly, Nelson, Ceryl, Victor, Ndlazulwanle, Sheptone and Ray Nkwe, and all the others ho came and left before our time... We will keep the home fire burning. This one is for you ... Let's have a musical conversation."