CASINO - Number T (1988)

MFM/Teal, FML1023   
Producers: Bones Brettell, Bernie Millar & Godfrey Nzuza   
Composer: S. Mshazi   

The follow-up to 87's Gambling, the title of this album was a reference to the old Transvaal number plates. Now down to a six-piece, liner notes dedicate the album to "Bongani Nkwanyana the founder of the band and Barney Bophela who is always with us". Ranging from frantic bubblegum on 'Move Wamina', 'Stay Away' and the title track to the Eurobeat stylings of 'Please Don't Go' . Best track 'Mapule' slows down the disco to a pre-kwaito beat with a lovesick dedication to "the Banana City" of Durban, while 'Open Up Your Mind' addresses the political situation:

"We've got to open our minds wide.
Let's all open our minds now.
We've got to find a solution,
and make a new generation...
How long will it take us to realise,
that we don't need all these walls between us?
We've got to build a new generation
on a love and peace foundation...
We should pray for peace and harmony.
Love and peace will lead us to happiness,
Happy families make happy communities,
Happy communities make happy nations,
Happy nations makes a happy country,
And a happy country is all that we pray for."

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