TALENT - Everybody Come Lets Dance (1985)

Sound Rays/Minc/EMI, 12XBOW(C)167   
Producer: Talent   
Engineer: Bobby Summerfield   
Composer: Godfrey Nzuza   
Recorded at: The Workshop

Sweet early bubblegum jam from Godfrey Nzuza, the man later behind big acts like Casino, Mr Chaklas, Zone 3 and Mercy Pakela.

Engineered by Bobby Summerfield, who before relocating to the US was part of the South African Hi-NRG act People Like Us, who found brief stardom in Europe with their 1987 album Deliverance.

"You've got the feeling and I know it's right.
You've got the meaning and I know it's time.
Up on the ceiling flash the disco lights.
Don't stop the feeling,
cos what you think is right.
Just get up and dance, I think it's your chance.
Just stand up and dance, you'll feel it's romance."

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