LIONEL MARTIN PILLAY - October Magic (1984)

Righttrack/RPM, RTL9003   
Producers: Kevin Kruger & Lionel Pillay
Engineer: Keith Forsyth       

One of many unsung jazz heroes, Lionel Pillay passed away in obscurity in 2003. Until then he'd proven himself to be one of SA's most skillful jazz pianists, performing and recording with the cream of the country's home-based jazz talent, both black and white. He paid the bills as a session player for the SABC, using the name "Lionel Martin" in the early days of TV in the late 70s and early 80s.

Here he drew on top mlungu musicians like guitarist Johnny Fourie, saxman Mike Faure and drummer Kevin Kruger. They put out jazz fusion led by Pillay's frantic psychedelic keyboard skills. It's a unique album compared to the mass appeal of the day's fly-by-night pop acts.

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  1. Oh my word, I had this Album, misplaced it and have been looking for this for years. Incredible, thank you for just passing this, it adds a sense of satisfaction knowing it's recognised.