OBED NGOBENI and the KURHULA SISTERS - Mchoza (1985)

Trutone, LPJW4   
Producer: Peter Moticoe   
Engineer: Fernando Perdigao   

"One of the musicians who placed xiTsonga music on the international area with his massive cross-cultural appeal hit, 'Kuhluvukile Ka Zete'. Inspired by civilisation in deep rural Limpopo villages, the track caught the attention of Harry Belafonte and inspired his album Paradise in Gazankulu. The success of the 1983 hit prompted Obed to include 'Kazete No. 2' on his other album Tshiketa. His chain of albums include Gazankulu (1984), Mchoza (1985), Thsiketa (1986), Xikwembu (1989) and many more" (Mojapelo, 2008:297).