THE DYNAMICS - Switch It On & Wind It Up (1984)

Priority, MOBL100
Producers: Mick Williams, Dynamics & Ian Osrin
Engineer: Mick Williams
Recorded at: Battery Mobile at The Woodpecker Inn, Botswana

Influential and much-loved multi-racial ska act made up of Steve Howells (drums), Jimmy Florence (keys, bass, trombone), Herbert (bass, keys) and 'The Dynamic Horns’ Winston Nyaunda and Harvey Roberts.

With timeless tracks like ‘Thugs’ and 'Who’s Worried?', this mini-album was recorded at Hugh Masekela's mobile studio in Botswana with English producer Mick Williams. After Switch It On, the band left for the UK to escape conscription and apartheid oppression but failed to live up to their huge potential, reforming in the mid-90s to release their long-awaited follow-up, Organic. Lots more on this band HERE.