ADZIAMBEYI BAND - Volume 7: Putani Dzanu (1991)

Zim/Mpumelelo/Beat City/Tusk, QBH1141
Producer: S. Depete & A. Maphwanya
Engineer: Richard Austen
Composer: Elias Sirwali
Recorded at: RPM Studios

The Adziambeyi (usually spelt Adziambei) Band is a Tshivenda group founded in 1982 by Elias Maele Sirwali in the rural north-east of the country. He was later joined by his older brother Tshivhangwaho Raedani, Johannes Kwinda and Sarah Masindi. They released their first album, Midzimu ya Madimoni, in 1983 and remained popular into the 90s before disbanding, only to reunite in 2012 for the release of a new album, Shango lo Takala in 2012, followed by Mutula Gole in 2013. Sadly Raedani passed away in 2013.