LUCKY MEREKI - You Got Me Dancing (1991)

Accord/Diamond/Tusk, AMH400
Producers: Lucky Mereki, Nic Paton & Meir Eshel
Engineers: Meir Eshel & Nic Paton
Recorded at: Miditone, Jhb

Underrated artist who put out this great album of R&B-inspired jams, handling all vocals, rapping, synths and songwriting. It's a refreshing change of pace, with slow and midtempo jams the order of the day, right down to smooth sax solos by Nic Paton (Jazzanians) and co-producer Meir Eshel - the only exceptions being the dancefloor-friendly title track, 'Your Lips' and 'Action'. A fine example of the pre-kwaito new school, alongside Taps, King Rap, Tashif' Kente and MarcAlex. Today Mereki is still going strong, recently collaborating with house DJ Dino Bravo.