SPIRRO - Speed Trap (1989)

Roi/Music Team, YPC(C) 10007
Producers: F. Gumbi & E. Ndlela / FJF Locomotion
Engineer: Terry Meredith
Composer: Bethuel Maseko
Recored at: Sound Studio

Chicco-inspired disco with slick synths over electronic beats and half-sung, half-spoken vocals that preempt kwaito, most obviously on 'Do It'. Mostly English lyrics avoid the frivolous in favor of socially relevant topics like road safety ('Speed Trap'), booze ('Drunken Women') and politics ('Who Killed Bingo' and 'Unification'): 

"Blacks, whites, Indians, coloureds… 
Let's be united. 
If we can unite, we can build a better future...
Unification is the only solution"