WILLIAM 'MR EVERYTHING' MTHETHWA - Tribute to Sophie Mathibela (1988)

Roy B/Dephon, RBL146
Producer: William Mthethwa
Recorded at:  Sweet Sixteen

Mpho and Mphonyana Mathibela made headlines across South Africa when they were born joined at the head in Johannesburg on 7 December 1986. A decision was made for them to be separated, which happened in 1988. The story prompted support from musicians William Mthethwa and Yvonne Chaka Chaka (and Ali Katt, who also released a song for the twins in 1988).

"This album is dedicated to Sophie Mathibela, the mother of Mpho le Mphonyana, in honor of her supreme courage and total devotion to her two babies. All proceeds for the Mpho le Mphonyana track will be donated to Sophie to help in the upbringing of the twins. This track was recorded solely for this purporse. We love you Mpho le Mphonyana." - Yvonne and William.

The album also contains other social messages such as 'We Cry For Peace in Africa', 'Help The Children', 'We Don't need a Party' (all co-written by Al Etto and Mthethwa's frequent collaborator Dimakatso Moletsane) and 'We Miss You',  as well as the more upbeat 'Matjitji' and 'Hoza 2000'.

Sadly Mphonyana died of pneumonia a year after the twins were separated. Mpho, now in her late 20’s, is still alive today.