SUN - Looking For Love (1991)

Diamond/Tusk TUH36
Producers: Q-Sound & Sun
Engineer: Q-Sound
Recorded at: Tone Def Inc.

Sun (real name Poth Nkotsoe) established himself in the late 80s as one half of the popular duo Monwa & Sun. In 1990 they parted ways to pursue careers as solo artists and producers. 1991's Looking For Love follows Sun's eponymously titled 1990 solo debut, drawing heavily from early house and Eurobeat influences and utilizing Sun's Rick Astley-styled vocals. A sign of future trends, every title on the album is a 'mix' of some kind - including a 'new jack city remix'  of 'You Give Me Good Love' and a 'bassappella mix' of the title track. The liner notes give thanks to New York house icons Dave Morales and Tony Humphries, although it's not clear if they played a role in the album. Featuring on backing vocals Nelli 'Bibbi' Booi, whose solo album 'You Don't Mind' Sun produced that same year.

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