TAXI … with Mr Maviga (1989)

Roy B/Dephon, RBL153   
Producers: Victor Khojane, Jackson Cassidy, Bart van de Burg
(exec: Phil Hollis)
Engineer: Graham Handley       
Recorded at: Sweet 16

Taxi were a popular act coming out of the Northern Cape that first came to Joburg in 1984 as CC Beat. Led by Victor Khojane (aka Mr Maviga, aka Mr Mavicta), they first established themselves as a backing band for other acts. Later in the 90s they became Dr Victor And The Rasta Rebels and are still going strong, playing a mix of reggae covers and originals.

A bubblegum band in the true sense of the word, Taxi's keyboard duties were handled by Walter Dlamini, Bart van de Burg and Styx Hojeng, "MC-500 programming" by Mark Ransteli (MarcAlex) and engineer Graham Handley, while Victor plays "GM70 Midi Converter Guitar".

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