VA - Dinaledi: The Power in the Music vol 3 (1986)

Dinaledi, DIN3
Compiled by Patrick Meyer

Great compilation album of alternative takes of some of the biggest early bubblegum hits, credited to "The Sugarboys".

Side A:
1. Ikati pt.2 - Condry Ziqubu
2. No! No! Senor pt.2  - Brenda & the Big Dudes
3. Move Over pt.2 - Chicco

Side B:
1. O Nketsang pt.2 - Rex Rabanye
2. Another Lover pt.2 - Om Alec Khaoli
3. Brikha Bhova pt.2 - Zasha
4. (All I need is here) In Africa - PJ Powers (Hotline)/Steve Kekana