THE DALOM KIDS - Mathambo (1990)

Gallo GRC, HUL40216   
Producer: Daniel Tshanda   
Engineer: Lee Short                                                       

Sweet album from Shangaan-influenced trio that started out backing Splash, similar to another supporting act turned popular girl group, the Chicco-produced Chimora. Song titles reflect a new sense of hope that apartheid would soon come a peaceful end - 'Our Heroes', 'Rulers Of Tomorrow' and 'Day Of Celebration'...

"The day of celebration is coming...
We must be ready for it,
By ending exploitation and injustice, Halala!
It's the day which everybody's waiting for,
And now belongs to us.
It will be the day of reconciliation,
There will be no complaints amongst us,
Forgiveness will be the order of the day,
Enemies will become friends."

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