ZAYN ADAM - The Voice (1988)

Mountain/Templit, MOULP(Y)57
Producer: Tully McCullagh

Adam made his name fronting seminal 70's soul act Pacific Express. By the 80s he was selling himself as a crooner, with The Voice treading a dangerous line between Journey-style stadium rock (best track 'You Gotta Live', 'In The Moonlight', 'Lady in the Night' and a synth-heavy cover of 'House of the Rising Sun') and pure cheese that gives Barry Manilow a run for his money ('Il Mondo', 'Love, l'Amor, Die Liebe', 'Souvenirs', 'Oh Sweet Soul', 'I'm Losing You'). Also cashes in on the old Pacific hit 'Give A Little Love'.

Featuring top Cape Town talent like Rupert Mellor (piano), Robbie Jansen (sax) and Jonathan Butler (guitar) and produced by rocker Tully McCullagh.

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