MORDILLO - Runaway Bus (1989)

Tiger/RPM, TIGLP402
Producer: Lefty Rhikoto   
Engineer: Lee Short       
Recorded at: RPM Studios

Former backing back for Shangaan disco king Paul Ndlovu. Made up of Lefty Rhikoto (lead guitar), Themba Mazibuko (vocals), Japie Bodibe (bass), Abram April (drums) and keyboardists Joseph Tshabalala, Rogers Mvelase and Joshua 'Joeman' Tladi - usually in their trademark sailor regalia. Other albums include I'm Crazy (1987) featuring the hit 'Voyager'.

The title track could be a cunning attempt at beating censors with innocuous spelling, where bus sounds like baas/boss...
"I can tell there's no more time left,
I've seen what I could not recognise.
I finally see the dawn arriving,
Get out of the way... baas!
You are in  the middle of the road!"