UMOJA - Touch Africa (1990)

Gallo, HUL40209   
Producers: Alec Khaoli & Colin Smith   
Engineer: Dave Subkleve       
Recorded at: Audio Lab

After leaving Harari and releasing a few solo albums, bass master Alec 'Om' Khaoli formed Umoja in an attempt to break into the overseas market. While they were known for their outlandish spandex getup - for example at the Concert in the Park, Touch Africa sees Umoja moving on to experiment with east African guitar rhythms, layered with Om's unmatched bass grooves, call and response vocals and fresh synth sounds. Best tracks include the instrumental 'Feels Good' and 'Paid In Full' . . .

"I left a deposit on your heart, 
That was a long time ago.
Now I've come to collect what's mine - 

Give me mine, you take yours.
Keep your fridge, keep your TV, 

Keep your cheap lies . . .
I made a lay-by for your love, 
That was a long time ago.
Now it's time to collect what's mine -

Are you ready? Let's go!"