1. ‘Sound Of Africa’ - Steve Kekana (1981)
2. ‘Thule’ - O'yaba (1991)
3. ‘No Man Kill Another Man’ – Jambo (1991)
4. ‘Phambili La Siyakhona’ – Izindlovu (1990)
5. ‘Friday Morning’ - Neville Nash (1982)
6. ‘Babylon Water’ – Cokes (1988)
7. ‘Take It Easy’ – Pongolo (1989)
8. ‘Siyadudula’ – Buthelezi (1988)
9, ‘Reggae Music’ - Dread Warriors (1983)
10. ‘Fire In The Ghetto’ – Zasha (1988)
11. ‘Stop The War’ - Prince And The Buffaloes (1990)
12. ‘Don't Take A Chance’ - Rasta Kids (1984)
13. ‘Good Night Out’ – Kariba (1981)
14. ‘Reggae Mania’ – Quinton (1989)
15. ‘Flash A Flashlight’ - Benjamin Ball (1984)

Following performances in the early 80s by international superstars Jimmy Cliff in Soweto, Peter Tosh in Swaziland and Bob Marley in Zimbabwe, reggae quickly became popular amongst South African of all races and backgrounds. Reggae artists used music and lyrics to take on the apartheid establishment. The latest AFROSYNTH mix, REGGAE MANIA showcases some of the early progenitors of the genre in its uniquely South African, bubblegum-influenced sound. Ripped from the original vinyl and compiled by DJ OKAPI, the lineup includes well-known acts such as O'YABA and JAMBO, lesser known bands like the DREAD WARRIORS, the RASTA KIDS and PONGOLO, and artists from other genres who experimented with reggae (STEVE KEKANA, NEVILLE NASH, ZASHA). It offers a sample of a rich and varied reggae scene and does not include influential figures like Lucky Dube, Carlos Djedje and Colbert 'Harley' Mukwevho. Sit back, light up and enjoy Mzansi"s finest oldskool reggae jams. MO FAYA!