BAD BOYZ - Young Generation (1989)

Orange, ORH004
Producer: Thabo
Engineer: Terry Meredith
Recorded at: The Sound Studio

Chicco-influenced disco beats with all kinds of new school influences, ranging from dancefloor-friendly pre-kwaito beats on 'Young Generation', 'Sponono' and 'Shahimo' ("Tata used to say: 'War is stupid'"), to Eurobeat synths and sensibilities on 'Let Get Up And Dance'. 'Maybe We an Try Again' is a dreary R&B ballad, while best track 'Englishman' slows down the synths over a reggae beat:

"I'm not an Englishman,
I'm an African man.
from Africa.
I'm not an Englishman,
I'm just a black guy from the ghetto"

Engineer Terry Meredith played guitar for Cinema, one of the biggest white pop acts of the 80s.