ROOP.C - Top Top (1989)

Gallo, HUC40194
Producers: Alec Khaoli & Colin Smith
Engineer: Colin Smith

Classic late-80s release showing Mzansi's new love for the dancefloor grooves that became kwaito and house. "Long before we knew deejays could also release their own music, in 1985 Maropeng Mahune, a nightclub deejay at Easy By Nite in the East Rand (Ekurhuleni) released a single titled Sexy Girl using the name Ruby Roepsie. It was composed, produced and arranged by the CCP powerful production team of Tom Vuma and Selwyn Shandel on the King Records label. His follow-up was Top Top (1989), a mini album co-produced by Alec Khaoli and Colin Smith who also engineered it. Using the name Roop C, Mahune released it on the GalloGRC label" (Mojapelo, 2008:168).