BENJAMIN BALL - Come To Me / Hi Lite (1986)

Sound Of Soweto, 12XTWS(c)141
Producers: Cyril Mnculwane & Benjamin Ball
Engineers: David Moloele & Phil Audoire
Recorded at: Orange 338

Benjamin Ball emerged as one of the funkiest dudes around with his 1984 smash 'Flash A Flashlight' off the album Paulina, injecting his distinctive monotone voice and some reggae grooves into the bubblegum sound. Alongside producer/co-writer Cyril Mnculwane (of CJB) and manager Peter Snyman (who also handled Brenda Fassie), Ball went on to release albums like Kabadzeene (1988), In The Jungle (1990) and Take A Chance (1991), although he sadly never quite lived up to the potential of 'Flashlight' and later faded into obscurity. This is a hot 2-track album, with B-side 'Hi Lite' in particular showing off a slick dancefloor sensibility and bearing a close resemblance to his breakthrough hit:

"Everybody's on the move, in the golden city,
They're so busy, getting ready for the disco,
They wanna move, to a place where they can be happy,
It's called Hi-Lite, it's international boogie club...
Come on people get ready, I wanna see you get ready
There's no parking, on the dancing floor
People doing the best they can
Everybody's groovin', groovin' to the music,
Gotta keep them dancin', gotta keep them busy,
Gotta keep them movin', gotta keep them groovin'.
Gotta keep them boogyin', gotta get them dancin'...
DJ turn it on..."