KAKAPPA - Washaniseka (1990)

Super Beat/Music Team, ETL(T)5022
Producer: Danny Bridgens (exec: Enoch Ndlela)
Engineer: Adrian Strydom
Recorded at: Syntrax Studio

Five tracks of wicked synth grooves with a Shangaan touch, followed incongruously by the sax-drenched downtempo number 'Together'. Standout track 'Shangane Piu Piu' pokes fun at apartheid-era ethnic classification:

"Don't call me Shangaan, cos I'm not a Shangaan,
Don't call me Swazi, cos I'm not a Swazi,
I can speak iSwazi, but I'm not a Swazi,
I can speak iZulu, but I'm not a Zulu,
I can speak iSotho, but I'm not a Sotho,
I can speak iShangaan, but I'm not a Shangaan..."

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