V.O. - Mashisa (1990)

Music Team/Roi/Superbeat, ETL(J)5023
Producer: Eddie Magwaza
Engineers: Jan Smit & Lucky Matante

This relatively obscure album from 1990 has over the past year circulated internationally on the strength of the dub version of the title track, which has become a go-to for DJs and put the record at the top of the list of many new collectors of South African music, with demand high enough to ensure a re-issue later this year. The album itself showcases some of the coolest electronic sounds of the day, but is no better than countless other albums from the era still languishing in obscurity. Produced and arranged by the late Eddie Magwaza, with co-engineers Jan Smit handling drum programming and mixing while Lucky Matante oversaw sequencing and vocal recording. Other tracks include 'She's My Lady' and 'Mr Mechanic'.