PAMELA NKUTHA - Xaniseka (Kokwana) (1993)

Music Team, CT103
Producers: Themba Mawelela & Fred Woods

Pamela Nkutha emerged near the end of the 80s as a rival to Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Mercy Pakela, Nomuntu and others. Following the success of her earlier albums Umntanami (Kidnapped) in 1988 and Manano (1990), Nkutha moved to the Music Team stable for 1993's Xaniseka (Kokwana). Synth specialist Mawelela aka Little Big Man arranges, co-composes (with Pamela) and co-produces (with On Record's Fred Woods). The album was followed by Sweet Mama. More recently Nkutha released Ingudu (2011) featuring the single 'Strong' , This is Africa featuring 'Muranziwa' (2014) and Balatedi Baka (My Fans) in 2015.

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