HOLY SPIRITS CHOIR - Okholwa KuJesu (1987)

Polygram/Tshona TRSLP001
Producers: Joseph Makwela/Dr Nichojha
Engineer: John Lindermann

Formed in 1985 by Joseph Dumaku in his hometown of Kroonstad in the Free State. "Before they started recording they were singing at funeral services and that's where they were encouraged by the community to put their music on disc so that it would sound more powerful. Fortunately they were spotted by one of the producers at Teal Records who heard their music and decided that they shoud come to the studio for recording. Their first album with Teal Records was in Sotho entitled 'Kabelo Ya Ka'. They also did the very same album in in Zulu 'Okholwa ku Jesu'."

The album ("Trust in Jesus") sold over 50 000 units within six months of release. Producer "Dr Nichojha" may well have been none other than West Nkosi, using a different name for legal reasons. Just 'cos it's gospel don't mean it ain't funky - there are some KILLER synth-fuelled tracks on the album. Not too much variation - but all good!