THE ELEPHANTS - Phuz' ushiye (1987)

CCP /Mabob City / EMI, MMB(O) 4061751
Producer: The Elephants
Engineer: Tom Maybury
Composed by: Elphus Mkhize
Recorded at: Platinum Studios

Elphus Mkhize first found fame with West Nkosi's Abafana Baseqhudeni in the late 70s. The band released in Germany in 1982 under the literal English translation of their name, "The Cockerel Boys." A few years later, the Elephants were a little-known bubblegum forerunner to Mkhize's reggae act Izindlovu (literally, the Elephants), themselves predecessors to Jambo, a major reggae act of the 90s.

The six tracks on this LP cover gospel ("Praise"), social responsibility ("Young Generation"), fun in the sun ("Swimmerman"), entertainment ("Radio Zulu"), drinking ("Phuz'ushiye") and loose women (on the synth-instrumental "Amakhekhe")