CRUCIAL CLIMAX - Not What You'd Expect (1990)

Uptown/Frontline/Sounds of Soweto, UPT102
Producer: Koloi Lebona
Engineer: Andy Thomas
Recorded at: 8th Avenue

Unknown hip-hop studio project that sees experienced and influential producer Koloi Lebona experiment with new house grooves, with programming and sampling by Neal Snyman (who later worked with seminal 90s rock band the Springbok Nude Girls) and Petro Stathoussis (aka DJ Static P, who went on to form the labels Phat Kat and Static Plastic, as well as the popular online platform AfrodesiaMP3). Rapping by Sean Pieterse and Anita Jackson, with backing vocals by Jabu Nkabinde and Monty Bogatsu. Offers some outdated advice on 'Aids', samples Snap's 'The Power' on 'Eastern Sector' and slows things down on the Color Me Badd-style 'A Girl For Me' and 'Love Might Last'.